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        John P. Holdren Claims That Global Warming Can Cause Extreme Cold Weather Because of the Circumpolar Vortex
January 9, 2014
White House Science Czar John P. Holdren has come up with a brilliant excuse for global warming actually being extremely cold. It is because of the Polar Vortex! What a genius! Now they've got the deniers cornered. If it's hot, it's because of global warming. If it's cold, it's because of global warming. Haha. Brilliant!  Continues...
        FBI Ignores Infowars Reporter Dan Bidondi at Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conference
April 18, 2013
Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi was ignored by the FBI during the Q&A following the Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conference when he brought up the drills being run during the bombing and the glaringly obvious photo evidence posted on of the numerous identically dressed special forces operatives carrying large black backpacks at the marathon. Continues...
        Bob Dylan, 9/11, and Taking What You Gather From Coincidence
September 11, 2012
Peering into the realm of meaningful timing in the release of Bob Dylan albums reveals some noteworthy connections, with the ongoing 9/11 emphasis becoming nothing short of incredible, culminating in Dylan’s September 11, 2012 release of Tempest, a nod to Shakespeare’s final play. Continues...
        CIA Underwear Bomber 2.0 Takes the Stage in Terror Fantasy Theater
May 14, 2012
The CIA has announced that they foiled an underwear bomb attack by Al Qaeda in Yemen that was to be detonated aboard an airliner headed for the United States, only to later announce that the alleged would-be bomber was in fact a CIA agent. The plot was said to have been disrupted in the early stages, with no plane ticket purchased and no target in mind. Continues...
        Charlie Hodge and Matt Sadler Silenced by KLBJ FM
September 12, 2011
Charlie FN Hodge and Matt Lil' Beefer Chicken Wing Sadler, Austin's dynamic duo of radio hilarity, have been kicked off the air by Emmis Communications / KLBJ 93.7 FM. Continues...
        Another Meteor Destroyed by UFOs?
March 26, 2011
Here is a recent video of a strange event in the skies over Kazakhstan or Russia that appears to be a fireball coming in that gets destroyed by UFOs. This is the second video of a fireball I've seen that seems to be taken out. Continues...
        Are These UFOs Appearing Over Moscow in January 2011 as Stanley Fulham Predicted?
January 15, 2011
Video uploader olegen77 on YouTube has a large amount of Moscow UFO videos on his channel going back to 2009. The UFOs are very similar to those in the above video and it is evident that many are taken from the same vantage point in the city. This appears to be an ongoing phenomenon over Moscow, which does not contradict Fulham's prediction but is this in fact a Pleiadian UFO display? Continues...
        Osama Bin Laden Calls for Action on Global Warming
January 29, 2010
Osama Bin Laden, the dead leader of al-CIAda, has recently released two audio tapes to scare us all into going along with the NWO ambitions to create a new global order. In last week's audio tape Osama endorsed the Christmas Undie Bomber, reminding us that the Global War on Terror is still ongoing and that we should give up more of our rights and expand the war into more countries to keep us safe. Continues...
        Will NASA’s 10/9 Moon Bombing Trigger A Conflict With ETs?
October 7, 2009


What do those Freemasons over at NASA have in mind with this Friday’s bombing of the moon? The official reason for doing this is to help determine if there is water on the moon. I keep hearing about the existence of UFOs, ETs and bases on the moon. Continues...
        September 22, 2014
The SubGenius Hour of Slack #1484

Inner Secrets of the Church
        September 5, 2013
The SubGenius Hour of Slack #1428

Howll 'n Stang's Wonders of Zoology In Disguise with Glasses
        August 10, 2013
Vyzygoth's Clubhouse

Interview with Adam Gorightly - 1969, Manson Murders, Woodstock, Angie Riedel, Mick Farren, The Deviants, Wolfman Jack, Sly and the Family Stone, Hair, The Fifth Dimension, Easy Rider, Hunter S. Thompson, Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, The Moon Landing, Kent State, Stanley Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Richard Nixon, Che Guevara, Tuesday Weld, Rosemary's Baby, Kerry Thornley, Jim Keith
        August 27, 2012
Ground Zero Live

Interview with Freeman & Rex Church - Rituals, Rites, 66, Qliphoth, Fallen Angels, The Mark of the Beast, Madonna, Homunculus, Chernabog, Night on Bald Mountain, Fantasia, Walt Disney, Charles Manson, Revelation 9:11, Abaddon, Apollyon the Destroyer, The Moon Child, Rosemary's Baby, Cambions, Demons, Souls, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, Voldemort, MDNA, Esther, Timothy Leary, Blue Brain Project, Inserting Spirit into Body, Anton LaVey, Transhumanism, Michael Jackson, P300, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Soul Transfers, The Avatar Project, Robonaut 2, CERN
        August 25, 2012
Inside the Eye Live
Interview with Sheikh Imran Hosein - Zionism, Arab Spring, Islamic Eschatology, NATO
        January 29, 2012
Radio Misterioso
Interview with Adam Gorightly - Happy Trails to High Weirdness, UFOs, Bigfoot, Robert Anton Wilson
        January 21, 2012
The Free Zone
MSMMLE Arrives in Austin, Me at the Zoo Premieres, Disappears, The Friendship Agenda, Hollywood Mind Control
        October 23, 2011
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Alan Abbadessa - Synchromysticism, The Sync Book, Symbolism, Synchronicity, Intuition, Archetypes, Mythology, Our Entangled Universe, Messages From Beyond, Cosmic Consciousness, Piercing The Veil
July 17, 2011
Inside the Eye
Interview with Floyd Anderson - The Guerrilla News Network, 9/11, Israel, The War on Terror, The Bush Administration, Zionism, The Media, Mind War, The Internet, Austin, Alex Jones, Brave New Books, Lucus, Nibiru, 9/11 Synchronicities, UFOs, Aliens
        January 4, 2011
Occult of Personality
Interview with Dennis Fetcho - The English Language, Qabalah, Gematria, The English Alphabet, Pi, Freemasonry, The Sacred Feminine, Secret Societies, The Roswell Incident, Aliens

January 2, 2011
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Dennis Fetcho - Thelema, Kabbalah, Hebrew, Gematria, Aleister Crowley, Mathematics, Magical Systems, English Language, The Angelic Language, Speculative Freemasonry, Alphanumerics, The Isisian Codes, Illuminati, Pi Proportion, Sun, Moon, Venus, Super Intelligence, Paracelsus, Naming Things and Places, Carl Von Linné, Runes, Johannes Bureus, Ruins, Babel, The Demiurge, Set, Typhon, Solomon’s Temple, Rebuilding the Temple, Hiram Abiff, Lucifer, Religion, Theology

        July 4, 2010
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Andrew Collins - Beneath The Pyramids, Giza Cave System Rediscovered, Hall of Records, Henry Salt, Caviglia, Tombs, Sokar, Rostau, Edgar Cayce, Caves Under the Pyramids, Mouth of the Passages, Nuit, Hathor, Duat, Crystal Diamond, Subterranean Chamber, The Edfu Texts, Myth of the Primordial Mound, The First Temple, Duat n Ba, Underworld of the Soul, Antediluvian World, 11000 BC, Dogon
        June 26, 2010
The Free Zone
Interview with The Love Police - Love Police at Toronto G20
        May 25, 2010
Radio Freeman
Interview with David Icke - Consciousness Evolution, Keeping Down Our Reptilian Brain, Truth Vibrations, Love Solutions
        April 21, 2010
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Lucus - The Destroyer Star & The Future of Mankind

April 20, 2010
Transmissions From A Dying Planet
Hour 1: Interview with Doug Hawes - The Fascinating World of Jeffrey Deane Turner

Hour 2: Interview with Robert Sterling - A Sean David Morton / James Randi Smackdown

        April 18, 2010
Think Or Be Eaten Radio
Interview with Paul Sandhu - The Matrix

March 23, 2010
Transmissions From A Dying Planet
Hour 1: Interview with Solaris Blueraven - Rush and Mind Control; Hour 2: Interview with Andrew Colvin - New Mothman Revelations

        March 2, 2010
Think Or Be Eaten Radio
Interview with Paul Sandhu - Energy, Spirit World, Material World, Earthquakes, Locusts, System of Commerce, Babylon, Directed Energy Weapons, Space-Based Weapons, Advanced Technology
        February 25, 2010
Live Free or Die Radio
Interview with Lucus - Spiral Petroglyphs, The Norway Spiral, Asteroid Hits Mexico, CERN, HAARP, The Sinking of Atlantis, Floods, Noah, Moses, Tenth Planet Mystery Object, Dark Star Companion to the Sun, Georgia Guidestones, Deregulated Stock Market, Reagan Assassination Attempt, Iraq, Denver Airport, Norway Seed Vault, Space Rocks Classified as Top Secret, Pan-Starrs, Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System, WWII, The Nazis, NASA, Chemtrails, Hollywood, Soundgarden, NEAT Comet, Spheres Near The Sun, CEO & Police Chief Resignations, Signs To Look For
        February 4, 2010
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Freeman - Human Programming, Flash Gordon, Princess Warrior Program, Weather Modification, HAARP, Sura, Norway Spiral, Nobel Peace Prize, Cloud of CARE, CERN, New Space Program, Aries, UFOs, 9 19 09, Plasma Turbulence, Ring Cloud Over Russia, Astana, U.S. General Urges World War on Space Debris, Maitreya, Benjamin Creme, SpaceX, Freemasonry, White Knight One & White Knight Two, Kodiak Launch Pad in Alaska, Vatican, Designer Babies, Gattaca, Simcores, Mind Transferring Technology, Blue Brain, Avatar, Obelisk & Dome Symbolism, Sirius, Alpha Draconis, Cleopatra's Needle, Phobos, Kaaba Stone, Haiti Earthquake, Gold, Iridium
        February 3, 2010
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Rasa - Free Energy Development in China, Magnetic Motors & Overunity Devices
        February 1, 2010
The Nutrimedical Report
Interview with Freeman - Supriem Rockefeller & The Rebuilding of The 3rd Temple of Jerusalem, Bombing the Moon, The Decline of NASA and The Rise of The SpaceX Program, Asteroid Apophis, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, Israel, Iran, Yemen, Gulf of Aden Seagate, Garden of Eden, Solomon's Temple, Ark of The Covenant, 2010 Grammy Awards
        January 25, 2010
The Nutrimedical Report
Interview with Freeman - Haiti Earthquake, 1/22 Vortex Over Australia, Molecular Spin Resonance Technology, HAARP, Earthquake Weaponry, SpaceX, Asteroid Apophis, International Asteroid Defense Agency, Battlestar Galactica, Cloning, Talmudic Judaism
January 18, 2010
Think Or Be Eaten Radio
Interview with Larry The Contractor Guy - Post Bailout Blues, Goldman Sachs Charity Program, What We're Facing, U.S.-China Relations, India-Pakistan Border, Religion, WWIII, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor
        January 10, 2010
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Karen Sawyer - The Dangerous Man, The Upcoming Alternative Research Community Convention in Bath, UK
        December 29, 2009
Inside the Eye
The Illuminatus Observor's Reader Appreciation Podcast 2009
        December 1, 2009
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Tim Ball - Climategate, The Anthropogenic Global Warming Fraud, The Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore, The IPCC, Phil Jones, Tom Wigley, The CRU (Climatic Research Unit), CO2 Taxes, Climate Data Dumped, Maurice Strong, Global Government, Global Policy, Steve McIntyre, Codes For The Computer Programs, Gavin Schmidt, Global Cooling, Club Of Rome, Cloak Of Green, Ontario Hydro, CO2, Benjamin Santer, 1992 Rio Conference, Hubert Lamb, David Deming, Hockey Stick Graph, John Daly, Still Waiting For Greenhouse, CBC, David Suzuki, NCAR, UCAR, GRL, Andy Revkin
        October 13, 2009
Radio Freeman
NASA's LCROSS Moon Impact
        October 4, 2009
PsiOp Radio
Special Musical Edition
        September 27, 2009
Red Ice Radio
Interview with David Icke - Swine Flu, Mass Vaccinations & G20
        September 10, 2009
Cutting Through the Matrix
Fear And Trepidation Of New Reality Creation: How Can You Be Jaded, Say You Lack Sensation, You're Living Through Exciting Bit, Reality Creation, Past Reality Is Becoming A Mere Hazy Dream, As New One Is Sustainable, We're All Going Green, Taxing Your Very Breathing, Exhaling CO2, Never Has Such A Con Been Pulled On Me And You, Taxed Down Into Poverty, Head Down In The Dirt, They'll Come For Your Body Parts, Steal Your Ragged Shirt, We're Suffering For A Cause, Bright Future Is The Lure, Bringing In Equality, We'll All Be Equally Poor
        September 7, 2009
Cutting Through the Matrix
You Have To Hate The New Mandate: New World Order Sings New Song, Doesn't Want Us To Live Too Long, Now Told This Concoction For The Flu, Has Live Cancer Viruses Just For You, This New Song For World Congregation, Is All About Depopulation, This Human Species Is Rather Sorry, When It Cares Not What's Stuck In The Body
        September 3, 2009
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Kathleen McErlain - Too Many Secrets, Humanity's Fight To Expose The Secret Underground Worlds
        August 28, 2009
Deadline Live
Interview with Mack White and SMiles Lewis - Waco, UFOs, Obamacare, The CIA, Kidnapping, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking
        August 23, 2009
PsiOp Radio
Organ Trafficking, Armored Surveillance Trucks, Debate Over Austin Regional Intelligence Fusion Center, U.S. Helps Spanish Company to Buy Texas Bank, Texas Taxpayers Pay Spanish Firm for Failed Toll Road Bid, Military Indoctrination of Youth in America, Blackwater, Skylaire Alfvegren on Fortean Ufology: Long Live the Old Guard Long Live the New Flesh, Sleep Paralysis, The Beast System, My Lai Massacre Officer Apologizes 40 Years On, Lynne "Squeaky" Fromme Released From Prison
        August 14, 2009
Think Or Be Eaten Radio
Interview with Adam Gorightly - UFOs
        August 13, 2009
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Freeman - Michael Jackson, Time Travel, Obama, King Tut, Akhenaten, Forensic Pathologist Cyril Wecht, Mind-Preserving Technology, Immortality, Genetic Memory, Blue Brain Project, Lucifer, The Bible, Luciferian Idealism, Backward Masking, The Plan to Bring Down the U.S.A., H.J. Resolution 5, Constitutional Convention, Space War, Werner von Braun, HAARP, Saturn's Moon Iapetus, Gravity, Asteroid Apophis, Chemtrails, Barium, Aluminum, Sea-Based X-Band Radar, Hurricane Katrina
        August 6, 2009
Red Ice Radio
Interview with David Icke - The Lisbon Treaty & The European Union
        July 5, 2009
Radio Misterioso
Interview with Adam Gorightly - The Story of Charles Manson
        June 3, 2009
Surfing the Apocalypse
Interview with Ezra Sandzer-Bell - Fractal Geometry, Transhumanism, Demonic Entities Residing In 1st Dimensional KurBala, Temple Of The Black Light, Occult Symbolism In Album Art, Satanic Sects Which Permeated The Psychedelic Rock Movement During The 60s, Extraterrestrials, Gnosticism, Ascension From A Zero-Dimensional Source Into The Coming Fourth Dimensional Space Called Angal
        March 29, 2009
PsiOp Radio
Another Mass Shooting, Knowing, SXSW, John Ashcroft in Austin, Ted Houghton Calls Hank Gilbert & TURF Bigots, More Red Light Cameras Come to Austin, The MIAC Report, Camp Arnie, Ron Paul on Peaceful Revolution

March 20, 2009
Inside the Eye
The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult

Podcast 8, Seg 1 - The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult - Pt 1

Podcast 8, Seg 2- The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult - Pt 2

Podcast 8 - The Owl as a Symbol of the Occult - The Lost Episode

        March 7, 2009
The Free Zone
Barackhenaten, Renaissance Tiye, Radiance, & Rosebud: Are the First Family Clones?, Asteroid 2009 DD45 Nearly Hits Earth, The Extraterrestrial Threat, The Roswell Incident, CIA, Skull and Bones, NSA, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Ancient Structures on the Moon, Obama Gives 25 DVDs to Gordon Brown
        March 1, 2009
PsiOp Radio
The War on Some Drugs Update, Violence in Mexico Border Towns, Zombie Banks, More Mysterious Objects Fall From the Sky, New Evidence in Yogurt Shop Murders
        January 28, 2009
Cutting Through the Matrix
One Ring to Bind Them All: For Those Who Live in the Now, Life's a Constant Mystery, For That Which Happens in the Now Has to do with History, While Unplanned Life Guarantees Crisis Along its Ramble, A Powerful Elite Took the World, Smashed It On an Anvil No Generation Has had Peace Because of Machinations, This Group has Sworn to Overthrow Sovereignty of Nations, They Stir Up and Arm Peoples, Offering Solutions, Solutions Civic or On the Field of Bloody Revolutions, Circles Within Circles, Wheels Within Wheels, Dancing with the Devil Who Makes Perfidious Deals, When the Guns All Fall Silent and They Ring the Old Peace Bell, We'll be Altered, Chipped, Monitored in Their Utopian Hell

January 9, 2009
Inside the Eye
Gematria and Codes in the English Language (and a little surprise)

Podcast 4, Seg 1 - Gematria and Esoteric Codes in English

Podcast 4, Seg 2 - Trolls and other Hazards and Distractions

        December 16, 2008
Beyond the Grassy Knoll
Interview with Adam Gorightly - James Shelby Downard’s Mystical War, King-Kill 33, Michael A. Hoffman II, Adam Parfrey, William N. Grimstad, Jim Brandon, The Freemasons, The JFK Assassination, Jack Kerouac, Charles Saunders, Jekyll Island, Mind Control, Mystery Babylon Religion, Ancient Fertility Rites, The Tate-LaBianca Murders, Woodstock, Kent State, Charles Manson, Ira Einhorn
        October 25, 2008
The Free Zone
Genetic Memory, Interbreeding Bloodlines, DNA Receptors, Ethereal Beings, Remote Viewing, The Synchronistic Path, Sirius, Alpha Draconis, Egypt, Freemasonry, 9/11, McCain & Obama, UFOs, Extraterrestrial Politics, Global Warming, 2012
        September 11, 2008
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Ian Crane - Rik Clay, Integration, Conspiracy, Spirituality, Awakening Process, Kundalini, Third Dimensional Realm, Transpersonal Process, Research, The Internet, Communication, Soul Returning, Healthy Balance, Shamanic Journey, Alcohol, Spiritual Entities, Temporary Possession
        August 27, 2008
The Blue Rose Report
Interview with Len Bracken - Shadow Government, 9/11, State Terror, The Finders, Guy Debord
        August 12, 2008
Beyond the Grassy Knoll
Interview with Larry The Contractor Guy - JFK Assassination, Vietnam War, RFK Assassination, George Wallace Assassination Attempt, 9/11, International Fascism, Artificial Oil Shortage, Nazi Germany, Pearl Harbor, Area 51, Interdimensional Creatures, Demonic Entities
        August 8, 2008
Cutting Through the Matrix
The Club of Rome Does Play Its Part, Lesser Beings to be Ruled by the Smart, For the Working Slob They Have No Seat, Only Seats for Bums of the Scientific Elite, They Say Democracy will Have to Go, Too Inefficient, Cumbersome, Slow, You're to be Happy in Life Without Meaning, Ordered About by Dictators of Greening
        July 30, 2008
UFO Undercover Radio
Reptilian Aliens and Grey Aliens
        July 29, 2008
PsiOp Radio
Tasering for Punishment and Non-Compliance, Police Brutality, Travis County Grand Jury Investigation into Texas State Legislators' Ghost Voting, John Lennon and Christ, The Covert War Against Rock, Video Released of Possible Suspect in TX Governor's Mansion Fire
        July 9, 2008
Occult of Personality
Interview with Louis Sahagun - Master of the Mysteries: The Life of Manly Palmer Hall
        July 1, 2008
Red Ice Radio
Interview with David Icke - Big Brother, The Mainstream Media, How to Organize, Surveillance, Centralized Government Structure, European Union, International Law
        June 25, 2008
UFO Undercover Radio
Types of Grey Aliens
        June 24, 2008
PsiOp Radio
Interview with Walter Bosely - Roswell Crash, Underground Beings, Flying Squares, Anti-Gravity, Frictionless Hydraulics, Precognition, 9/11, Trauma-Based Mind Control, Mars, & Lou Dobbs
        June 9, 2008
The Alex Jones Show

Interview with Alan Watt - Bilderberg Group 2008, Implantable Microchips, The Terrorism Agenda, Occultism, Transhumanism, Texas Governor's Mansion Fire, HAARP
        June 3, 2008
PsiOp Radio
Blog Talk Radio Censorship, Scott McClellan Book on Bush Administration Deception, Fluoride Promoted in Government-Issued Coloring Book, Forced Vaccinations, 'Centipede' Conspiracies, Texas FLDS Children Update
        May 30, 2008
Untamed Dimensions
Interview with Vyzygoth - Blog Talk Radio Censorship - Part 2
        May 30, 2008
Untamed Dimensions
Interview with Vyzygoth - Blog Talk Radio Censorship - Part 1
        May 22, 2008
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Ian Crane - Codex Alimentarius, GMOs and Artificially Created Food Scarcity


        May 11, 2008
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Ben Stewart - Esoteric Agenda, Galactic Cycles, Natural Time, Calendars, Bloodlines, Pagan Dates, UN Programs, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Wildlands Project, Codex Alimentarius, Monsanto, C51 Bill, Vibrations, The Sacred Circuit, The Fibonacci Sequence
        April 20, 2008
Binnall of America
Interview with SMiles Lewis - UFOs, The 9/11 Truth Movement
        April 20, 2008
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Michael Tsarion - Astro-Theology, Jordan Maxwell, The Hidden Roots of Religion, The Vatican, Mind Control, Hypocrites & Actors, Solar Cultism, Arya, Giza, Nazi, Serpent Symbolism, Christ, Messiah, Sobek, Draco
        April 7, 2008
Cutting Through the Matrix
The Created Food Shortages and the Coming Food Riots
        March 30, 2008
Vote Rescue Radio
Interview with Brad Friedman - Hart Intercivic Whistleblower Lawsuit, Sequoia Threatens Princeton Computer Scientists, Thor Hearne's ACVR and Photo ID Voting Laws
        March 30, 2008
Vote Rescue Radio
Vote Rescue Exit Poll Results for Texas Primary, Lawsuit against Texas Secretary of State, Bastrop County Hand-Counted Paper Ballot Resolution, Interview with Wharton County Republican Chair Debra Medina
        March 18, 2008
PsiOp Radio
Guest CoHost Guymon Adams - UN Agenda 21, Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Global Warming Propaganda, 2nd Amendment
        March 6, 2008
Untamed Dimensions
Interview with Kent Daniel Bentkowski - Mass Media, Occult Symbolism, Predictive Programming, Hillary, UFOs, Genetic Manipulation
        February 17, 2008
Vote Rescue Radio
Interview with Bob Schulz & Bev Harris - New Hampshire Primary Recount Results & Chain of Custody Breakdown
        February 17, 2008
Vote Rescue Radio
Upcoming Texas Primary, Volunteer Exit Polling with Affidavits, Vote-PADs for Handicapped Voting, Interview with Albert Howard, Walter Reddy, Abbe Waldman DeLozier & Sally Castleman - New Hampshire Primary Recount
        February 12, 2008
PsiOp Radio
I-35 Cult, Holosonic Sound Technology, Project Blue Beam, Lightning Strikes World’s Tallest Christ, Tortured 9/11 Patsies, U.S. Customs Laptop Searches, Biometric Data Collection, Stephenville UFO Cover-Up
        February 4, 2008
The Alex Jones Show
Interview with Willie Nelson - Iraq, 9/11, The Drug War, Alternative Energy
        February 2, 2008
Occult of Personality
Interview with Steve Willner - Illusional Existence, 2012, Intuition, The Moon
        February 1, 2008
The Alex Jones Show
Interview with Paris - Guerrilla Funk Recordings, 9/11, The Internet
        January 25, 2008
Untamed Dimensions
Interview with Jeremy Vaeni - UFOs, Alien Greys, and the Kundalini Serpent Force
        January 10, 2008
Project for the New American Citizen Radio
Interview with Luke Rudkowski, Rob Jacobson, Aaron Dykes - Criminal of 9/11 Rudy Giuliani, New Hampshire Primary Vote Recount, The Ron Paul 9/11 Truth Dilemma
        December 20, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Ben Fairhall & Jake Kotze - Conspiracy & Synchronicity
        December 11, 2007
PsiOp Radio

Shootings, Lone Nuts, JFK Assassination, Data Mining Technology
        December 4, 2007
PsiOp Radio

Tasering, Police State, Surveillance Drones, Spying Firefighters, Hillary Campaign Headquarters Hostage Situation, Bush Family Nazi History, Guantanamo Experiments, Anomaly Magazine
        November 20, 2007
PsiOp Radio
9/11 Ripple Effect, Liberty Dollar Raid, Gold Heist at McBride’s Guns, SWAT Teams, Tax Subsidies, Forced Vaccinations
        November 15, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Steve Willner - Labyrinth of the Psychonaut
        November 11, 2007
Vote Rescue Radio
Interview with G. Edward Griffin - Secret Societies, Politicians & Elections
        November 4, 2007
Vote Rescue Radio
Interview with Stephen Singular - Fake Chad Problem Exposed
        November 1, 2007
PsiOp Radio
H.R. 1955, Ideological Reeducation Program, Fake Reporters
        October 23, 2007
Project for the New American Citizen Radio
Mainstream Media Response to 9/11 Truth
        October 21, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Lynn Marzulli - Nephilim, Biblical Prophecy & the Supernatural
        October 18, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Jay Weidner - Future, Freemasonry, Franklin & Films
        October 17, 2007
PsiOp Radio

Police State, Blackwater, Free Speech Zones
        October 15, 2007
The Kentroversy Tapes
Interview with Jake Kotze - Synchromysticism
        October 11, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Freeman - The Esoteric Adventures of Freeman
        October 9, 2007
PsiOp Radio
Police Brutality, Electroshock Weapons, Toll Roads, Robotic Surveillance Insects, Ron Paul for the Long Haul
        October 9, 2007
Project for the New American Citizen Radio
Interview with D.L. Abrahamson - False-Flag Terrorism, SAIC, USJFCOM, National Reconnaissance Office
        September 6, 2007
Project for the New American Citizen Radio
GOP Debate, 9/11/07 Truth Event
        August 21, 2007
The Nutrimedical Report
Interview with Alan Watt - North American Union & NWO Agenda
        August 21, 2007
PsiOp Radio
Interview with Thom White - Trans-Texas Corridor & Red Light Cameras
        August 12, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Alan Watt - Future Studies & Collectivism
        August 9, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Lloyd Pye - Human Origins, Intervention Theory & Genetic Experimentation
        July 26, 2007
The Jeff Rense Program
Interview with Alex Jones - Illuminati Depopulation Plan
        July 19, 2007
Project for the New American Citizen Radio
Interview with D.L. Abrahamson - 9/11 Truth, STRATCOM, WW4, Space Weapons, RAND Corporation
        June 14, 2007
Occult of Personality
Interview with Todd Campbell - William Buroughs, April 19, the Goddess Ceres, Roman Festival of Cerelia, Virginia Tech Massacre
        April 19, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Michael Tsarion - Lucifer & the Dark Side of the Sun
        March 29, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Jake Kotze - The Philosophy of Synchromysticism
        March 23, 2007
Untamed Dimensions
Interview with Greg Bishop - Pirate Radio, Ira Einhorn, the UFO Experiences of Larry King and Bill Hicks
        February 25, 2007
Radio Misterioso
Interview with Mike Marinacci - Weird California, Mysterious California, Lizard People Under LA, Charles Manson, The Zodiac Killer, The Billiwack Monster, Jack Parsons, Robert Anton Wilson


        February 4, 2007
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Freeman - Occult Movie Symbolism
        December 17, 2006
Red Ice Radio
Interview with Leo Zagami - Illuminati Confessions
        August 16, 2006
The Blue Rose Report
Interview with Adam Gorightly - Charles Manson, The JFK Assassination, Adam Gorightly's UFO Experience


        May 25, 2006
Red Ice Radio
Interview with David Icke - The Global Conspiracy
        March 28, 2006
Coast to Coast AM
Interview with David Icke - Electromagnetic Weapons and the Fork in the Road


        October 4, 2005
Malik Rahim Lecture
Hurricane Katrina and the Disastrous Response by the Bush Administration
        September 11, 2001
The Alex Jones Show
Alex Jones Reports Live on 9/11/2001 - Interview with Jim Wright, Derry Brownfield, & Joe Rogan
        William Cooper
Mystery Babylon Radio Series