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        John P. Holdren Claims That Global Warming Can Cause Extreme Cold Weather Because of the Circumpolar Vortex
January 9, 2014
White House Science Czar John P. Holdren has come up with a brilliant excuse for global warming actually being extremely cold. It is because of the Polar Vortex! What a genius! Now they've got the deniers cornered. If it's hot, it's because of global warming. If it's cold, it's because of global warming. Haha. Brilliant!  Continues...
        FBI Ignores Infowars Reporter Dan Bidondi at Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conference
April 18, 2013
Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi was ignored by the FBI during the Q&A following the Boston Marathon Bombing Press Conference when he brought up the drills being run during the bombing and the glaringly obvious photo evidence posted on of the numerous identically dressed special forces operatives carrying large black backpacks at the marathon. Continues...
        Bob Dylan, 9/11, and Taking What You Gather From Coincidence
September 11, 2012
Peering into the realm of meaningful timing in the release of Bob Dylan albums reveals some noteworthy connections, with the ongoing 9/11 emphasis becoming nothing short of incredible, culminating in Dylan’s September 11, 2012 release of Tempest, a nod to Shakespeare’s final play. Continues...
        CIA Underwear Bomber 2.0 Takes the Stage in Terror Fantasy Theater
May 14, 2012
The CIA has announced that they foiled an underwear bomb attack by Al Qaeda in Yemen that was to be detonated aboard an airliner headed for the United States, only to later announce that the alleged would-be bomber was in fact a CIA agent. The plot was said to have been disrupted in the early stages, with no plane ticket purchased and no target in mind. Continues...
        CNN Reports: "Huge, Hidden Object in Space, Dwarf Star or Planet Found in Our Solar System"
October 2, 2011
I'd like to really emphasize the CNN reporter's statement at the beginning of this news report. He says, "there is a huge hidden heavenly body right here in our solar system." He doesn't say there may be a huge hidden object, or that conspiracy theorists say there is. He is reporting that this thing is huge, hidden, and part of our system. Continues...
        Charlie Hodge and Matt Sadler Silenced by KLBJ FM
September 12, 2011
Charlie FN Hodge and Matt Lil' Beefer Chicken Wing Sadler, Austin's dynamic duo of radio hilarity, have been kicked off the air by Emmis Communications / KLBJ 93.7 FM. Continues...
        Another Meteor Destroyed by UFOs?
March 26, 2011
Here is a recent video of a strange event in the skies over Kazakhstan or Russia that appears to be a fireball coming in that gets destroyed by UFOs. This is the second video of a fireball I've seen that seems to be taken out. Continues...
        Are These UFOs Appearing Over Moscow in January 2011 as Stanley Fulham Predicted?
January 15, 2011
Video uploader olegen77 on YouTube has a large amount of Moscow UFO videos on his channel going back to 2009. The UFOs are very similar to those in the above video and it is evident that many are taken from the same vantage point in the city. This appears to be an ongoing phenomenon over Moscow, which does not contradict Fulham's prediction but is this in fact a Pleiadian UFO display? Continues...
        Nude Dragons Close Set With "Waiting For The Sun"
October 24, 2010
A reunited Soundgarden has made more references that seem to refer to the return of the second sun in our solar system at their April 16, 2010 show at the Showbox in Seattle. Performing a quasi-secret concert in the capital city of the grunge movement under the name Nude Dragons, an anagram for Soundgarden, the band created a buzz of excitement with their first live performance in years. Continues...
        The Soundgarden Nibiru Connection
July 5, 2010
Soundgarden is reuniting this year. They will be taking the stage at 8:00 pm on 8/8/2010 at Lollapalooza in Chicago, and they are soon going to release an unreleased song entitled Black Rain. As Lucus has pointed out, Soundgarden has made multiple references that connect with the idea of the return of the destroyer star. Continues...
        Osama Bin Laden Calls for Action on Global Warming
January 29, 2010
Osama Bin Laden, the dead leader of al-CIAda, has recently released two audio tapes to scare us all into going along with the NWO ambitions to create a new global order. In last week's audio tape Osama endorsed the Christmas Undie Bomber, reminding us that the Global War on Terror is still ongoing and that we should give up more of our rights and expand the war into more countries to keep us safe. Continues...
        Will NASA’s 10/9 Moon Bombing Trigger A Conflict With ETs?
October 7, 2009


What do those Freemasons over at NASA have in mind with this Friday’s bombing of the moon? The official reason for doing this is to help determine if there is water on the moon. I keep hearing about the existence of UFOs, ETs and bases on the moon. Continues...